Laws Of Universe

For anything to function, it must follow a Law, a rule. We are aware of the laws of Physics, Biology or chemistry. We are also familiar with the laws of living in a society, however THE UNIVERSE is a biggest collective, and we do not even understand an iota of the universe. It is therefore imperative that the Universe also has its Laws on which it works.

Since we are a part of the Universe, we are also impacted and bound by the laws of the universe.

The universal laws govern energy, light, vibration, and motion etc. in the etheric, or the higher plane; that which is not material.

These laws are the basis of everything—from the tiniest atom to the largest sun—everything has stemmed from these laws. One who understands each of these laws to their fullest is the one to hold the key to the mystery of life.

As your coach, I help you to understand the various Laws of the Universe and guide you to align yourselves to these Laws. When you work in alignment with the Laws of the Universe you can harness the energies to live a Life of Ease.