7 Unique Approaches of Decision Making to Emerge as a Great Leader in life

It is often connoted that -Great leaders are great decision makers. True, is it? Let’s check this 2 min read!

What makes a leader different from a boss? All the more, what makes a leader a great leader, not to speak about the self-acclaimed ones…. 😊? We all make multitude of decisions probably every single day. Some might be life-changing and critical, while others might be small. Leaders in any sphere of life, not just in the industry, encounter a lot more substantial decision making than a person not thinking of himself as a leader. According to Peter Drucker, a renowned business author and management consultant, making good decision is key at every level of success.

It is common for leaders to face decision fatigue or defer making big decisions. However, to emerge a true great leader in life, comprehend the below thought-points.

1. Rise above own biases and perceptions

Well, that’s what grooms one to be a true leader. Rise above your prejudices and favouritism if you really want to be treasured by majority. As a Great Leader it is very important to be aware of your biases and perceptions so that you do not go on to levy that on your decisions, else you will remain a ground-breaking/hero of only a few who are possibly just taking advantage of your position.

2. Look at the problem in the present moment; don’t be naïve

No wonder, it’s important to contemplate the past in gauging the matter, but its far more crucial to ponder on what is there on your plate right now. Aspire to be admired by many? Then, look at the situation and context in the moment.  It is good to refer past situation and context, however it is very important to be cognisant of the fact that all situation and context are different and change with dynamics related to people, environment, market and goals.

3. Be open to listen with respect and inclusion

Of course, you will have your own unique decision-making style and that’s something you should treasure, but be inclusive in nature. Believe in consensus and collaboration, no matter where the person features in the hierarchical ladder. Ask others “What’s your take on this” and then see the magic!

4.  Trust …. even if the risk is high

Now that’s something you should treat as your Bible. Trust…that’s perhaps the most important element in your decision-making and will take you to the apex in life. If you trust your followers, you will feel more grounded and relish valuable support from them. Trusting will bring the right balance for you to emerge as a great leader.  The followers will demonstrate absolute trust on their leaders only if they see their great leader trusting them.

5. Stand firm on your decision

Decisiveness is a unique trait of any great decision maker. We clearly do not envisage any leader to stand around appearing indecisive and unclear, going wobbly on his decision. Great leaders are the ones who take a through and steady decision considering all the pros and cons at a particular situation without indulging in predicament.

6. Value based consistent behaviour  

So, why does it seem so difficult to arrive a decision by any average individual? Perhaps, it is due to the uncertain outcome of a situation. If you aspire to stand out from the crowd, analyse the situation and those involved in it well before jumping on to a conclusion at a spur of the moment and portray warm behaviour to your true assets, the ones you work with. Yes, they are the ones counting on you! A great leader makes decisions based on their value system which are predictable thereby not confusing the team.

7. Keep a hawk eye focus on the vision

All decisions made by Great Leaders are in line with the Vision of the Future. It goes without saying that you need to be extremely vigilant and observant in every move to become a true hero. Count that as a unique attribute and relish success by reaching epitome in life.

“Sometimes it is the small decisions that changes our lives forever”

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