A proponent of Self-Led Leadership methodology, Shalini helps people and culture to align the purpose and strategy for self and for the organization.
Her approach empowers workforce to be a 10X Performer in what they do & creates Mission Impossible Leaders that leads with clarity & focus.
A step wise approach helps people become aware of their patterns and barriers and refocus, change negative patterns and take strategic actions for lasting impact. People learn how to make and sustain change within themselves, their teams and their organization.
  1. Learn to lead self and others through influence
  2. Become aware of the negative and positive patterns and leverage it for growth
  3. Become aware of strengths of self, people and teams to leverage
  4. Build strong and intutive relationship with self and others
  5. Be a mindful leader and make choices in the NOW
  6. Bring Focus … Fewer, Bigger, Better with strong action and follow through


  • Are you wondering how to grow your business to the next level?
  • Are you looking at building a value-based culture to drive productivity and profitability?
  • Are you struggling to solve people related issue that are impacting your business?
  • Are you feeling the dearth of time for having multidimensional view of your business?
  • Is there a new billion-dollar idea that you have but are not sure if it will work?


  • Do you aspire to be a great leader?
  • Would you want better relationships?
  • Do you think you are missing out opportunities?
  • Do you want to upgrade to version YOU.2 for your next growth or promotion?
  • Are their blocks and limitations that are impacting your possibilities?
Then YES, Shalini, your coach can help you come up with solutions, strategies, and action plans.

You are the expert in your business.

Multidimensional view always gives a clear perspective of any situation, and this view becomes essential in moving forward
Shalini, your coach brings in the multidimensional view in business situations and in personal life

Shalini brings a rich experience of HR and business spaces over 26 years. She has held senior HR positions in large corporate houses accross different industries like Retail, FMCG & Pharmaceutical and her last assignment was as Head of HR with METRO CASH and CARRY.

Shalini’s passion for people drives her every action and she has a strong understanding of people and business mission to what drives them. That makes her excels in the Growth & Transformation space as a Business Coach on Leadership, Sales and People Skills and evolve businesses for excellence.

She is on a mission to help people live an Extra Ordinary Life of significance.

She has transformed the lives of over 3000+ individuals with her coaching & training on leadership, Business skills, sales and soft skills in organizations like Metro cash and carry , Agro Tech foods , Dr. Reddy’s laboratories, Ranbaxy and Cipla, Meteonic Innovation, Kanika Jewels.

Her Learning Programs, Trainings, Seminars, Workshops for corporates has been greatly appreciated as a mentor and a coach with very clear insights on life, success and performance drivers.

Transformation for Growth for business/teams
is finding answers to the following questions

  • Who are we ?
  • What is our purpose ?
  • Where do we want to go .... Vision ?
  • Are we ready for the changing market, customer and technology needs ?
  • Will we be relevant if we don’t adapt ?
  • What are the challenges ?And Many More...

Transformation for Growth for Individuals
is finding answers to the following questions

  • Who am I ?
  • Why do I do what I do ?
  • What is my purpose ?
  • Am I there where I want to be?
  • Where is the gap?
  • What are the opportunities ?
  • What needs to be leveraged ?
  • What needs to be changed?
  • What are my barriers?
  • What actions do I need to take ? And Many More...


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